Women's Bamboo Perfume Oil - Floral Fragrance inspired by Gucci – Dr Oud

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Bamboo - Dr Oud
Bamboo - Dr Oud


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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bamboo, a captivating floral fragrance for women. This exquisite scent unveils a symphony of notes that will transport your senses to a blooming paradise. The intoxicating top note of Bergamot sets the stage for a mesmerizing journey. As the fragrance unfolds, you'll be embraced by the delicate embrace of Casablanca Lily, Ylang-Ylang, and Orange Blossom, evoking a sense of femininity and elegance. The fragrance's foundation is a harmonious blend of Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla, and Amber, leaving a warm and sensual trail. Encased in a bottled, long-lasting oil format, this luxurious fragrance can be effortlessly applied with the roll-on applicator, offering an indulgent and personalized perfuming experience. Allow Bamboo to grace your presence and unleash the essence of timeless beauty and allure.

Top note is Bergamot

Middle notes are Casablanca Lily, Ylang-Ylang and Orange Blossom

Base notes are Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla and Amber

The bottled long-lasting oil can be rolled on and applied for luxury perfuming.

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